“I have put Zesterra by Pro Earth Animal Health to the test in my barn and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Every horse I have in training gets dosed with Zesterra during any time of stress such as hauling, sudden changes in weather, illness, etc. It keeps my horses eating and drinking, calms an upset stomach, and helps their overall well-being. I also had three cases of colic where I dosed the horse at the first sign of distress, and all three of those horses recovered without a hefty vet bill. Equi-Sure is my go-to treatment for any signs of ulcers, colic, or illness. I also love that it is all natural, so I don't worry about giving it along with antibiotics or other medicines. My horses are calmer, happier, and healthier with the use of Zesterra.”
- Cami Bauer owner/trainer at Gold Crown Performance Horses

Zesterra Testimonials

“I love this product! I keep a bottle in barn and trailer year round, so good when I'm traveling, especially the younger ones that are just learning to haul, so many benefits to it and currently giving it to my dad's race filly that coliced, no more tummy issues since being on it.” - Kasey Etbauer 4N Horses

Equi-Sure is an all natural supplement designed to support horses during times of stress, such as hauling, heavy training , foaling and during times of extreme heat or cold. Equi-Sure is safe for all classes of horses including lactating mares and foals. Equi-Sure stimulates appetite and water consumption safely and naturally by balancing the ph of the stomach and can be used as a flavor enhancer for horses that reject water from new sources when being hauled to new destinations.

"Zesterra is the best overall health supplement I have ever used. It is at work in my program to prevent tying up, ulcers, keep horses eating and drinking and as a calming and focusing element when used on competition days! Zesterra is a vital part of my winning team!!!" - Jackie Jatleau NFR Qualifier & Futurity Champion

"Since using Zesterra I've noticed a big difference in the way my horse takes care of herself on the road. She's not getting stressed out, she's eating and drinking like she should and she's relaxed enough to rest when she should. In competition, I've noticed a big difference in the way she handles herself in the alley. She is much calmer allowing me to set up my run properly getting us off to a much better start. I've also used it in several other horses we own including rope horses and have been very happy with the results!"  - Jody Sheffield NFR Qualifier, Rodeo Houston Champion