What is a Biostimulant?

A biostimulant is an organic material that when applied in small quantities, enhances plant growth and development.

A biostimulant is a material derived from biological origin that, when applied to a plant, seed, soil or growing media, enhances the plants ability to use nutrients, reduce nutrient losses to the environment or provide other direct or indirect benefits to plant development or stress response.

Biostimulants are not fertilizers but instead are mixtures of one or more things such as, microorganisms, trace elements, enzymes and plant hormones. They enhance nutrient availability, water-holding capacity, increase antioxidants, enhance metabolism and increase chlorophyll production.

Fast2Grow should be applied as a foliar application with a one to one hundred (1:100) dilution rate. One (1) gallon of our product does 4 acres. Fast2Grow can be tank mixed with any pesticide and/or fertilizer.Application of Fast2Grow can be done using a standard ground sprayer and applied aerially. The product can be root dripped for plantings (plants, flowers, trees, etc) but this process should be advised on an individual customer basis with our technical product adviser.
1 pint = 1/2 acre

1 gallon = 4 acres

5 gallons = 20 acres

55 gallons (sold in a drum) = 220 acres

275 gallons (sold in a tote) = 1,100 Acres



What is Fast2Grow?

Fast2Grow is OMRI listed, powerful Biostimulant derived from a unique proprietary fermentation process, which utilizes naturally occurring complex microbiological combinations and substances, fermented for a prolong period of time using unique conditions, extracted from poultry manure. When applied in small quantities Fast2Grow enhances plant growth and development, helps to improve efficiency of plant nutrients.
Fast2Grow has a chicken manure base, enhanced with naturally occurring micro-organisms (similar to healthy pro-biotics in yogurt). The product is high moisture to create a special environment for the micro-organisms to live. Fast2Grow processes the chicken manure to take out the negatives (e.Coli, etc) and increase the positive nutrients.

Fast2Grow is an American “green” manufacturing company that uses an innovative process to convert poultry manure into an effective, eco-friendly solution for both agriculture and horticulture communities. They have developed a proprietary technology that utilizes organic matter to produce a biostimulant which is simple to use, unique in plant growth nutrient composition, and at a very low cost for the consumer. Fast2Grow is headquartered in Houston with manufacturing facilities located in East Texas. Their mission is simple: “To create an exceptional product which will present everyone with the Highest Yield, Highest Quality, and the Lowest Cost!

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