“I have been using SuperThrive for years. Not only does fast2grow work better, it’s a whole lot cheaper. I used it on plant cuttings first and they seemed to root faster. When applied to plant foliage, I could see a change within 24 hours.”
- Kathryn Freund (NHGC Member)*

“Fast2Grow does precisely what it says, it helps to grow your plants faster. The results are amazing. I only wish I had received at the beginning of the growing season. I actually thought this was the best fertilizer I have ever used. I normally swear by MiracleGrow, but WOW, this stuff is awesome…”
- Lisa Lynch (NHGC Member)*

“I planted hay in the same location. Both were planted on the same day and both have had three hundred pounds of triple 17 to the acre the only difference is an application of your product. Difference was about 3 inches in height”
- Aaron A., Sumner, Texas

“I would recommend this product because of the good results. Although it took a while to see the results, when the plants grew, they truly looked stronger, greener and there was more foliage! The leaves on existing plants became greener and stronger while the new foliage grew faster and larger than before.”
- Brenda Carter (NHGC Member)*

“This product will have a lasting effect on your garden or pasture soil. Thought it to be great adjunct to home garden products and very helpful to better garden production. The Master Gardeners Association would love this product.”
- Paul Barry (NHGC Member)*

“Fast2Grow is a foliar fertilizer that you spray directly on plant leaves. My plants are bigger, have more blooms, and live longer than usual thanks to this product. Easy to use and long lasting, it is a deal for the price.”
- Mary Sanders (NHGC Member)*

“The plant on the left is the one treated with Fast2Grow. As you can see, the root ball system is significantly larger than the untreated plant. The stalk is also thicker and heavier. The ears were also examined and the untreated corn had 18 rows of kernels. The Fast2Grow ear had 20 rows of kernels. The plants were planted on April 26, 2012 and sprayed on June 12, 2012. The increase is that different in 27 days of growth.”
- Iowa Farmer

Customer Reviews