Why use CattlActive?

"I buy calves straight from the sale barn, one of the biggest challenges I face with these calves is getting them to drink water from a trough and eat feed. CattlActive has helped me get calves to drink more on arrival and gets them on full feed quicker with less digestive problems. It has made a difference in my bottom line." -  David Eppright, Cattle Feeder, Gonzales, Texas

  • Treat orally with drench gun 10 mls at processing, re-vaccination and with sick treatment protocols. Cattle Active does not contradict with any de-wormer or antibiotic.
  • Can be used on calves at birth, branding and pre-weaning stages. Also utilize on high risk calves at processing, re-vaccination and completion of preconditioning period.
  • Used on feeder cattle transitioning from growing rations, wheat pasture, or grass to higher concentrate rations.
  • Can be used to ease the symptoms of bloat by reducing acid in the rumen.
  • It can be treated in the water at a level of 1 ml/ gallon of water in troughs for 7 to 10 days.
  • Cost: 1.86$/ 10 ml dose

Helps balance the pH of the rumen to stimulate feed and water consumption. Helps with evacuation of harmful bacteria and microbes encountered in sale barns, calving grounds, and shipping facilities.

How to use it

What's in it? 

Corn oil, glycerin, onion extract ,orange peel extract, guar gum ,soybean oil, vegetable based fatty acids, and mineral water.