JS Ag Products is committed to representing healthy alternatives for you, cattle, horses and the land.

Today we are working with a couple of new distributors of products. One is called Agtivate. Agtivate is a blend of LIVING microalgae that effectively reconditions damaged soils. We offer a cure, not a treatment!

We offer CattlActive and Zesterra which both neutralize the acid in the stomach to stop the side effects of stress. In cattle that are stressed, this can cost you many pounds of gain. With CattlActive you have the power in your hand with this oral drench to change that. Instead of laying by the fence all day and not eating, give them a dose of CattlActive and watch how fast they go back to the feed trough!

Zesterra will stop that acid bubbling in the stomach and help your horse eat and drink out on the road. Without that acid pumping, it also cuts way down on horse's that get ulcers.

Our goal is to help people get the most from their investments whether it is the cost of your cattle and getting the most pounds out of them at sale time or in your hay patch where you're spending money on fertilizer, weed killer and seed. Our products will boost the growth with very little cost per acre. If I can help you get just 1 more bale or 1 more bushel per acre at a low cost would it be worth your time to talk? With the shortage of rain and the drought we have had the last few years, I believe that anything that works and can help us get the most from our yield at a reasonable cost is worth a shot. 

For more information on how our product can help you get a higher yield from your hay, corn, soybeans, gardens and anything else you grow, please call us at: 

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